Are you a company or private individual filing a small claims action and need assistance with finding and using a process server?

Whether you're completely unfamiliar with the Small Claims Court and need step by step help navigating through the process (from origin of claim to collection of money and/or specific performance), or you're familiar with the process and simply want your small claims paper served ASAP, Abolt Process Service can make your task a lot less complicated.

In a nutshell, here's what we can do for you:

Explain the entire small claims process to you — start to finish.
Provide and prepare your small claims forms.
Ascertain the exact legal name of your business defendant as applicable.
File your claim at the appropriate court (filing fee required).
Serve your claim and provide you with a timely Proof-of-Service.
File your Proof-of-Service timely with the court.
Provide follow-up assistance as needed.

Below are some commonly asked questions about prices and procedure as well as instructions about how to use our company.

How much does it cost to hire one of your process servers?

Our company prides itself on offering fixed rates for service.  No hidden mileage fees, gas surcharges, etc.  You can find the rate for your counties by clicking the 'RATES AND PAYMENT' button. The only miscellaneous charges that could apply are excessive printing/photocopying charges (over 25 pages) and / or notary fees.

Abolt Process Service requires prepayment for the first assignment from the individual/company requesting service of process unless otherwise arranged, payable in advance by check, money order, credit card or paypal. Upon request or after establishment of credit an account may be established with our office for billing purposes.

What do I need to do first?

-First, get your documents from the court.

-Complete our 'ONLINE ORDER FORM'
-Compose a cover sheet for your documents including your name, address, phone number and the party we are serving's name, address and any other additional information helpful for service.

-Then visit our website and find out what the Abolt Process Service's rate for service of process is in the county covering the address where you want your papers served. You can do this by clicking on the 'RATES AND PAYMENT' button. Additionally, you can make your credit card or paypal prepayment online through the 'RATES AND PAYMENT' page. Or you can notify our company by telephone (866)913-4510 or email ( that you wish the make payment by check, money order, or in person at 1804 Garnet Ave, Suite 205, San Diego CA 92109.

- Send us your paperwork.  You can provide us a copy of your documents by email (, facsimile to (815) 717-9850, or by mail to: ABOLT PROCESS SERVICE, 1804 Garnet Ave, Suite 205, San Diego CA 92109.

- When sending your documents by mail, we recommend that you use a courier like UPS,Fedex, or Express Mail, which allows you to track your package. This minimizes the chance that your papers could get lost in the mail, which has been known to happen! Additionally, please notify us if you intend to mail documents so we can ensure/anticipate their arrival.

What do I need to send?

- Your documents for service

- The cover sheet with service instructions/details

- Prepayment for services unless otherwise authorized

How long will it take for my papers to be served?

- For regular service attempts begin within 72 hours of receipt of paperwork and payment arrangement.  If you require service attempts to begin sooner we offer rush service (within 24 hours) and priority rush service (same day).

- If you’re asking us to serve a business or government agency for you, service of process can generally be accomplished quite quickly. But if we’re serving a person, how long it takes to complete the service really depends on how long it takes to catch the party at the address that you provide. Sometimes it happens right away, sometimes it takes multiple attempts over a period of days.

What happens after my papers are served?

- Once your papers are served, the process server swears out an affidavit of service detailing when, where, and how he or she served your party. We will send this document directly to you so you can take it to the courthouse that created your file in the first place.

What happens if the process server doesn’t get the party served?

-Service attempts are not always successful. Sometimes the person you want served has moved and their new address is unknown, or maybe they are not home or are refusing to come to the door when the server makes attempts. In that event, the process server will give you an affidavit of attempted / non service, which will outline where, when, and how he or she attempted to serve your party, and why the attempts were not successful. You can take this to the courthouse that created your file, and request guidance on how to proceed.


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